Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook is HOT, with over 550 million users.
I have Great News for you, FaceBook and Iphone and other technologies have changed everything
If you develop even a very simple APP and it is in the APP stores you can make a nice income
You also may be able to sell it to investors and make big bucks.
You can also use the fact that you have an APP in a store to ENHANCE your resume.
You can make money with Facebook in many ways.
I can show you many ways to make money with FACEBOOK
I can help you get started making money with Facebook and it will be FUN.'
Here is an example of how many great Facebook jobs are available now.
These jobs are not with Facebook but with various other companies
Notice that on just 1 job board there are over 45 thousand open Facebook Jobs.
Also notice that the salaries start at $30,000 a year and go up to $110,000 a year.
Also notice that before the description of the first job is something called New Jobs
Most of these jobs were just posted today. It appears that over 100 new jobs are
being posted daily.
You can also make money by Developing Facebook Apps, You can sell your Apps at the
Facebook App store.
Facebook recently made significant changes to the FACEBOOK platform so APPS that are
currently making money for businesses will need to be updated or they will not
continue to work.
There are many more ways to make money with FACEBOOK
With the proper attitude This Journey will be FUN.
I have over 20 years as a Computer Software Consultant, with my help and your desire
you can go from a Computer Neophyte to a accomplished Facebook Application Developer.
I can guide you through the Technologies that you will need to learn. Learning will be FUN.
I can help you develop your very first simple Facebook App in 30 minutes.
I may also be able to help you find your very first FaceBook job.
The sooner you get started Learning, the sooner you will be qualified to get a job
as a Facebook Developer
I will help you learn all of the technolgies that you will need to be proficient in as
a Facebook Developer.
I will attempt to explain techologies in a manner that is EASY TO UNDERSTAND
I will answer any question that you have on the subject of Facebook Development
You could purchase books, which would probably cost $250 10 books @$25 a book but
you still would not have a MENTOR with over 20 years of experience helping you and
explaining things in a manner that would be easy for you to understand.
My staff and I will expend all efforts to make you a success.
I will help you learn the following technologies
Facebook Developer
FQL - Facebook Query Language
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
Facebook API
For a limited time I am offering my services as your mentor via EMAIL for $25 for a year.
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